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About Us

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  EFS utilizes Advent Geneva and Advent World Investor, proven state-of-the-art fund portfolio management and investor accounting systems that employ integrated straight-through transaction processing functionalities. Geneva is a multi-currency, double entry, full general ledger accounting system used to calculate client valuations. The technology supports all currencies, instruments, transaction types, and derivatives.

World Investor, designed by Advent Software, Inc., is an investor accounting and allocation system for both domestic and offshore fund structures. It is used to allocate income, track income characteristics, calculate fees and produce investor statements. The software is fully integrated within the Advent Geneva portfolio management system.

TKS Solutions, LLC provides the software utilized in accounting for private equity funds and maintains all of the records and reports needed to administer the funds. Functionality includes tracking capital calls and distributions, memo notifications, allocating the profit and loss on a deal-by-deal basis, waterfall calculations, special distribution schedules, and maintaining pertinent investor deals.

  EFS client portal provides a centralized depository, allowing fund managers and their investors to obtain up-to-date information 24/7 including:
bullet Management reports
bullet Investor statements
bullet Annual K-1s
bullet Periodic tax estimate letters
bullet Fund-related documentation
bullet Newsletters
  We also have secure and easy to use portals available for information exchanges that can be readily accessed from anywhere in the world.

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